Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our 3 Week Trip to Colorado

Vanessa's High School Graduation...
The main reason at first for our trip to Colorado was my little sisters high school graduation. It was great seeing all our extended family and to watch Nessa finally graduate. She is now on her way to BYU-Idaho which will start this next week. We are so proud of her for finally graduating and can't wait for her to start a new chapter in her life. We love you Ness

Graduating Class of 2009

Congrats Nessa
The weather was beautiful until right after graduation... it then poured....and poured.

Oh and fyi... Carter and I flew out earlier then expected and were planning on staying a total of 3 weeks. However, I convined Devin to drive out to Colorado and then we would leave with him. So he came out on Friday and surprised Carter and I. It was so cute. Carter knew him right way and gave him a big hug.  He had been scooting all over the place like an inch worm, but after Devin arrived we brought Carter inside and put him on the ground... He crawled his first four steps ever. He was just waiting for Daddy to see him. 

Nessa is also the 3rd girl in our family to be in the Encore show choir. We have added it up and my parents have spent over $3,600 on show choir dresses for us girls. Thank you mom and dad! 
Well, we got to go and hear her last choir concert. It was sad to see it end, but way exciting for what will happen next. 
Here is her pretty dress that she dances and sings in. 

She also wrote a song about getting speeding tickets. That also runs in our family.... Anyway, she wrote this song and got to sing it for her last choir concert. I didn't get to video tape it at the concert, but one morning she did it for me. (don't mind her hair... It was very hot and  you can't do much with short hair!)

"Blinking lights"
Written by Vanessa Jaynes

Wasn't it so good? 

Our 4 generations photo....

Yes that is my little Brother... I know doesn't look like a boy... but we promise he is! 

My mom's parents, were visitng too... They live in Arizona and were so excited to be able to spend time with us and get to know Carter.

Another reason that Carter and I decided to go earlier to Colorado, was my friend Jesse and her 4 boys were in town from Texas. I have not seen her in about a year, and so I was very excited to see her. I moved my plane ticket 2 weeks earlier, and it was actually cheaper then before. So it went from $49 TO $39. Ya. way nice. So this sweet little boy up top is her youngest son Benson, and he is a month older then Carter. 

And this is carter. The hat they are wearing use to be a ball... Well now it is great looking hat. 

Carter absolutely LOVED my moms dogs. Especially Andy. 
And Andy was a very very good baby sitter... He would watch out for him...
He would let him take out his frustrations on his face...
And even let him pull and poke his eyes, nose and mouth... (watch out Lou Bell) But not once did Andy bite, or growl at him. If Carter was sitting on the floor crying, Andy would come and cuddle up to him and try to get him to stop crying. What a sweet dog. 
and even after all that, He still let Carter suck on his ball. (gross)It was a wonderful trip as you can tell. Carter is getting so big.. He weighs 21.6 pounds, and I am not sure how long he is. He also has 5 teeth, with a ton more coming in. 

But after the whole trip, they still wished they had stayed at home with their hubby and dad! (Devin speaking...)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flying and Scooting

There is a little boy that was born on the same day as Carter and he comes over with his parents to play. Well... We put them both down on the floor to play, far enough apart that they couldn't touch each other. Well Carter really wanted to get him, so he learned how to get what he wants... (sorry it is blurry... I took it with my phone camera...)

Carter has started this new thing when Devin holds him. He LOVES being held like this and kicking and flinging his arms everywhere. It is so funny, so we decided to show everyone...