Saturday, September 27, 2008

kickin' it

our little sugar just kicking away.

What A STUD!!!!

We went to the doctor this week, and Carter now weighs 10 pounds 3 Ounces, and is 21 inches long. They said he was growing very nicely. But it was so sad because the doctor had to take blood from his foot, and then some other things he had done, made him not very happy. But he has recovered.

This little stud is all dressed up for Hily and Adams Wedding. He looked so cute. He didn't like it very much though, because it was very restrictive and he was not able to kick his little legs like he likes to.

Here are the two grandkids. Sophie is now 16 months, and Carter is 3 weeks. They grow so fast.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our little Sausage!

At the hospital, they showed us how to wrap our little man like a sausage. He loved it. It was acutally the only way he would sleep. He had to be wrapped very tightly with his arms secured away from his face, and he feet squished up like a frog. And he would sleep so good.

This is a picture after he had his first check up. They gave him a shirt that said "I got my first hug at Madison memorial hospital." He was such a good boy. He had a shot in his foot, and it didn't even faze him. He almost looks like he is smiling. Well maybe not!!!

Proud DAD!!!!!

Look how proud Dad looks!!! He ACTUALLY changed diapers for the first 3 days, while I was unable too. Can you believe that he went from not changing any diapers, to change every single one his own son does. WOW!!! I guess it is because he is his son.

Carter initiated Grandma Jaynes. She was changing him, and I told her to cover him up while changing him, and she didn't listen, and he went potty all over her. and the window and the floor. It was so funny!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Phillips came after Carter was born, and were very excited to have their first grandson. Grandpa was excited to see that Carter already had a matching hair style! It's only a matter of time before Devin join's the club...

The ice Cream by the way, was so cheap at the Hospital. I am going to go there everytime I go to Rexburg. It was only .85 Cents for the same size as a small blizzard. Good thing I don't like Ice Cream Very much.

Grandma Jaynes (First Time grandma) made her 6th trip out to Idaho since Jan. Obviously she was very excited for her first grand child. She came 2 weeks before he came, and we were trying everything we could to get him to come. She then decided to go home and then came back a week later. What long time in the car. Goodness. But I am so thankful for her sacrifice, and for my family living without her. I know they missed her terribly. My Dad actually did laundry everyday, and made sure there were no dishes in the sink. What a little homemaker.

After Carter came, She took care of poor Devin and made sure he ate more than cereal and grilled cheese. (Even though she wouldn't have protested to making him one.) She is already ayn excellent grandma! We both missed her when she left.

My dad drove his new motorcycle out to see him, which I know was like pulling out his teeth for him to ride that bike all the way out here, (jk) But he got to see Carter also. and we were so happy that he came out. Look how proud he is :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Carter

We are so excited to announce the birth of our baby boy. Carter Ray Phillips was born at 8:01pm on Sat. September 6 2008 at Madison Memorial Hospital. He weighted 8lbs 9oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. As you can see he has a full head of hair, and dark eyes. Such a doll. We love him so much.

Labor on the other hand, hmmm... Well I was in labor for about 24 hours, and then ended up having a C-section. Not my idea of a fun time. But everything is great now, and we are so excited to have him.

Sleeping is going.... well...... it is trying to go. he is sleeping ok, but I am dealing with it. He is just to cute to get mad at.