Thursday, January 22, 2009

So big...

Carter has become so observant, it is getting hard to feed him. If I am feeding him, and Devin walks in and says something to him, he will let go and look right at him. And it takes forever for him to eat again. But its cute. This is him watching Scooby Doo. He really likes cartoons, but if I say something to him, sometimes he ignores me, other times he will look right at me. He is just like his daddy.

Carter is also learing how to sit up. He pulls himself forward so far that his face is touching his toes. So if we help him from not falling over then he really likes to sit up. He no longer likes to lay down.

This toy was a present that Santa brought him. It is an excersaucer. He LOVES it. As you can tell. He can stand in it and play with his toys and look around. I would suggest getting one of these for everyone.

ALthough he looks happy in these pictures, he has been pretty fussy lately. He arches his back like something on or in his back is hurting him. He can't sleep on his back either. We can't seem to find out what is wrong... If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment. :-)

Well we are getting used to this Utah thing. We are starting to drive more crazily and I have started the Utah poof. (Ok maybe not the poof, but still). The Salt Lake Valley is going through this thing called Inversion, where there is so much pollution in the air that you can't see the valley if you went up to the mountains. The news has warned everyone to not play sports outside, or take little babies or the elderly. So that means that Carter and I have to stay inside till a storm comes and takes the pollution away. Grandpa Hendersen said last year they had 72 Days of Inversion straight. I think I will go crazy. Other then that, we are doing good.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Supposed to be sleeping?

Here are just some cute pictures we have taken lately... Late last night, We had given Carter a bath, and I was putting him to sleep, but he had something to say before he dozed off. Like I mentioned earlier, I have woken up to him talking, but now he is talking himself to sleep. Devin got a video of it. You cannot see anything, but just listen. We kind of egged it on to get him to talk some more, but just listen. It is so dang cute.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well Carter is growing so fast, I cannot even stand it. I have woken up the past few mornings to him laying in his crib just talking away. It is so dang cute. And he is sitting up by himself, and rolling over. And goodness. before long he will be walking and talking. Wow. Well as soon as we find the camera, I will post some videos of how he is growing.

Our Wonderful move to Uah

So we made it... We are finally moved into our Apartment. And everything went pretty smoothly. Devin had knee surgery again, so he couldn't really do anything except tell the movers where to put stuff, and Devin's dad could not do it all, and even though I can carry Carter AND his seat, (that is about 27 pounds now total.) I was not much help either. Devins grandpa, however had some people come over and help us. we were very grateful for their help.

So we got to our new place, and I have been unpacking which takes a lot longer with a baby. ANd our apartment is smaller, so it takes longer to find places for everything, but I am managing. Compared to our basement apartment, this one is big. Anyway for the 5 days that we have been here, I have not seen one white person in our 350 unit complex. And every store that Carter and I have walked to, everyone speaks spanish and they look at you weird for speaking English. the town we live in is Called Midvale, and is about 10min outside of SLC. Right off of State Street. So it has a great location, but still. (ill post pictures as soon as I get the apartment together and we find the camera)

Devin likes his new job. He gets a lot of attention because he is on crutches, but other than that its good. He works with all girls that are not married, and are returned missionaries. The drive to work in the mornings are not bad, but after work. Holy cow. His first day on the job, coming home took him an hour and a half to make it 10 miles. Ya so now he leaves at 7 so he can come home at 4 and beat the rush hour.

4month Appointment

Just so everyone knows, we are still aiive and just got the internet hooked up yesterday, so I can blog again. But before we left, Carter had his 4 month Check up. And he weighs... 16 pounds 8.5 ounces and is 26 1/2 inches long. SO he is in the 95percitile for weight and height. So he is in proportion. The Doctor asked if he has always been big, and we said yes and he said well then he looks great. Good Job. So that always makes you feel beter when the doctor tells you nice job.