Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Show!!!!

Cameo College of Essential Beauty (my hair school) had their 7th annual hair show competition this last weekend. All the students were split into 19 different groups then into 4 different categories. We had to choose a model, and do the haircut, hair color, nails, wardrobe, song to walk the runway too, and overall appearance of the model. We then had 4 judges, 2 from out of state and 2 from Utah. They judged us on everything. From the sectioning of our haircut to the color placement, the nail detail and fit of the wardrobe to our theme. The grand prize for "Best of Show" was an all expense paid trip for our team to California Sassoon Show.

Our model was amazing! She looked amazing. I can't put an after picture of my model yet, because I am entering her into another competition, but we won!!!!! We won 1st place in our category, AND we won "Best of Show" award for the overall show. It was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much!!! I will post her before and after picture in a few months after I enter her in another competition!!!!! (She is the one with the red hair)